Conventional supply chain operations & processes are not sufficient to meet the today’s complex digital economy. A digital supply chain can not only help your business unlock greater opportunities and value but also create a strategic competitive edge. We can transform your supply chain into an intelligent, data driven, digital supply network that can provide solution to rapidly changing business needs. 

Our approach is simple – start with your customers in the center, understand their needs, reduce complexity, align Supply chain processes to deliver value to the customers. People, process, technology and assets must work seamlessly, meeting and exceeding customer expectations to win in the marketplace.

Turning around struggling and underperforming operations are passion, we pride ourselves to be practioner, rollup our sleeves to do it ourselves to get first hand experience for challenges and short comings and provide practical, measurable and sustainable solution.
Structured problem solving, continuous improvement, best in class execution and right KPIs monitoring are our guiding principles.

We partner with you to build business critical systems people love to use, maximizing your technology investments. Why us? Pairing technologically advanced solutions with our agile and diverse team of experts, AKM consultant enables companies to operate more efficiently and effectively.

We know India very well, its business environment, regulatory requirements, technology infrastructure, its challenges and benefits to enter, partner and expand. Our experts can help with starting with right footing from initial setup, finding right manufacturing and sourcing partners, operations, supply chain and human resources. We have done this successfully and love to do it for you


Who We Are

Our have combined 40+ yrs of operational turnaround experience in vast array or sectors for 200+ customers worldwide. Our expertise review each and every mission critical function as an independent and connected entity, evaluate people, process, system and management approach to provide and implement robust and sustainable process to ensure long term success.

AKM is leading global Advisory & Consulting and highly experienced and focused on following areas.

 Supply Chain Consulting

 IT Consulting Software / Business Application

Operations Turnaround & Improvements Consulting

 India Entry & Expansion Strategy Consulting

We are practitioner, we roll up our sleeves and work with customer to take on toughest challenges and provide solution.

What We Do

We listen to Customer problems and challenges, review process, system and skillset, analyze data and develop and implement actionable, practical and sustainable solution. We devise robust management system to monitor key business indicators to ensure our processes are in control and trending in right direction. We make things simple and automate manual and complex processes.


We are the customer focused result oriented solution provider. As growth enabler, we have successfully assisted some of the world’s emerging and leading brands from concept to operational including company setup, partnership, regulatory & licensing, land acquisition, manufacturing facility setup, talent acquisition and development and operations.
We are leading Supply Chain practioner helping customers evaluate Demand Mgt & Execution, MRP Execution, Sourcing, Inventory Optimization, Production Planning and Data & KPIs management.
Our experts led operational turnarounds across the globe for various industrial sectors. Our fact driven innovative approach yield greater, faster and sustainable results.
Automation of complex processes and analytics is our core strength, we have developed multiple Demand Management, Inventory Optimization and Tracking, MRP Execution Tracking, Production Planning Tracking, Master Data Management as well as KPIs automation to provide ready to act information for execution