Operations Turnaround & Improvements

Our have combined 40+ yrs of operational turnaround experience in vast array or sectors for 200+ customers worldwide. Our expertise review each and every mission critical function as an independent and connected entity, evaluate people, process, system and management approach to provide and implement robust and sustainable process to ensure long term success

Sales and Marketing Capability Enhancement

We help companies optimize their marketing & sales strategy to drive profitable growth by drawing together insights from internal & external customers, markets and business environments and model the economic impact and compare what’s working for other companies to identify improvement opportunities. Then, work with management to embed value creating changes in the organization’s practices and processes.

  • Performing Markets, Customers, Competitors & Products Analysis, Industry Trends, Competitive Landscape & Benchmarking
  • Sales & Marketing Review, Productivity, Profitability & ROI analysis, Business Objectives and Sales Activity Alignment
  • Implement close looped real time Customer feedback process
  • Expanding Sales and Distribution Network; Promote Brands across geographies
  • Enabling Corporate Ventures – Organizing Trade Fairs, Exhibitions and Business Events

New Product & Service Development

Bring a customer focus to developing new products and services. Innovation is the key to survive and excel in the today’s rapidly changing market place. A key part of this is developing an understanding of customer met and unmet needs  from existing product offerings including competitors to identify new opportunities. Identify and explore  untapped and under served markets,  product & services with improved efficiency and speed to market

Pricing Strategy

Maximize overall profit while increasing margins and/or market share. Getting pricing right is one of the most critical commercial decisions for any business to set the tone for the significant increases in top-line and the bottom-line results. Develop optimal initial pricing framework and sales incentives to reap ongoing benefits from an analytical pricing framework informed by customers, market conditions and the competitive environment.

Channel Strategy

Make the most of channels to market by being in the right places in the optimal way. A sound strategy is essential to winning in a rapidly evolving, digitizing channel landscape. Develop optimal strategy through an understanding of customers  combined with channel requirements, incentivization levers and cost to serve. The outcomes will include greater reach, strategic differentiation between channels and outsized share in growing channels resulting in revenue and profit growth.

Go-to-market & Commercial Organization

Speak to the right customers in the right way at the right time. The marketing landscape is changing more rapidly than ever and digital, social and mobile technologies making traditional models of engagement obsolete. To develop marketing strategies that will direct resources more effectively, combine advanced data analytics with a solid and winning game plan . Stimulate sales and strengthen market positioning, strategic view of the marketing mix that ties in more effectively with sales and product strategy.

Commercial Excellent

Reinvigorate revenue growth and optimize sales and marketing spend. Commercial Excellence includes steps such as defining its target customers, value proposition delivery plan and excellent sales and marketing execution. Commercial Excellence is critical to enter new markets and product categories and expansion to gain competitive advantage and target incremental growth in mature, highly competitive categories and markets.

Customer Targeting & Value Proposition

Identify the highest-priority customer segments to target, and define value propositions tailored to the needs of those segments.  Understanding, segmenting and prioritizing customers is one the most struggling part and raise challenge to balance the Customer and Supplier side economics. We rely on external research and rigorous quantitative analysis of sales data to determine the appropriate segments to pursue with the right value proposition.

Sales Force Effectiveness

Improve and accelerate sales performance by determining the right processes and enablers to maximize the commercial team’s effectiveness. To realize sales gains, sales and marketing processes must aligned with the customer strategy and go-to-market model throughout the sales cycle. Sales enablers including compensation scheme, key performance indicators, systems and tools, and training programs.

Operational Improvement

Our experts have helped diverse industries such as manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical, finance, health, utilities and aerospace to devise simplified and efficient process, re-engineered process to reduce complexity, implement Lean & Six Sigma processes to eliminate non essential non value add work, improve operational efficiency (OE & OEE) and facilitate & accelerate change to improve organizations profitability.

Data driven structured problem solving and decision making approach including problem identification, constraints and/barriers awareness, baseline metrics, current vs to be state, goal, monitoring mechanism and periodic review is the key for long term sustained growth. Best management practices adoption and continuous improvement mentality is the key to built high performance and result oriented culture across the entire organization keeps employees focused and innovative.

Quality first and/or get it right at the first time, pays big time. Improving product quality and eliminating non-conformance are key for not only attracting more customers and organic growth, but also reducing the cost of manufacturing and post-sale support. Our expert dig deep into various quality issues to understand real root cause, drive resolution to eliminate expensive quality issues.

We work with clients to achieve flexible, innovative, high performance operations through business process improvement, data analytics with proven operations improvement strategy.

Our focus areas

  • Turnaround Exiting under-performing partnerships and ventures to improve Profitability and Margin Expansion
  • New Product & Marketing Introduction and/or Diversifying Products or Markets
  • Key Cost and Productivity drivers analysis and improvement
  • Maximization of Asset Utilization

AKM Operational Improvement Approach emphasize:

  • Business process improvement and operating models to drive business performance
  • Analyzing, identifying and quantifying key focus areas
  • Defining and executing improvement initiatives to drive change
  • Flexible Operations for rapid response to changing market opportunities and customer demands
  • Customized solutions for measurable results

We work with clients every step of the way to ensure  processes deliver significant cost savings, increase productivity, reduce inventory and set-up time, target and reduce waste and improve quality control. In short, approach to ensures results are immediate, measurable and sustainable.

Human Resources

People are the biggest asset for any organization but more than often the most ignored. In today’s fast paced environment, we do not have time, resources, skillset or training materials and/or methods to train and keep our workforce abreast with advancement. We help organizations to develop, implement, measure effectivity of efficient training plan to prepare future leaders. A well trained skilled workforce is crucial for company growth.

Increasing globalization, competition among same domain companies who are recruiting from virtually the same talent pool, an extreme shortage of experienced skilled employees are felt, while there are thousands of job are not filled due to lack of skillset match. We help organizations with

Developing & Evaluating Effective Training Program

  • Evaluate and Develop Effective Training Plan including content review and development
  • Perform Assessment, Gap Analysis, Training Plan Development and Delivery
  • Online & Classroom Training Program Development & Implementation
  • Certification – Quizzes, Exam and Interviews

Training Program Audit & Recertification

Skillset & Talent Development

  • Skill assessments based on the job requirements through testing, behavioral questioning, and situational interviews
  • Prepare Functional Experts, System Experts and Managers/Leaders Development
  • Facilitate Certification & Audit
  • Sustain  (Train the Trainer Training)